How to Wear All Black: Channeling Vera, NOT Elvira

An all black outfit of mine

There are few things I love more than wearing all black. It’s powerful yet understated. It’s slimming. It’s easy but incredibly fashionable. But it can go very, very wrong. Here is a guide to wearing all black that’ll ensure you look like you belong in the streets of New York City, and not like a female Dracula.

  1. Take “all black” as a suggestion. Don’t feel constrained to just black. Sometimes you don’t have enough black pieces of clothing, or what you have just doesn’t work together. Adding color won’t detract from your all black look as long as you keep the colors neutral and keep it at least about 85% black. Don’t be afraid to add a chambray shirt, for instance. I also like to wear all black with tan booties and a black and brown scarf. Try things out and see what you like.
  2. Mix up the textures. If you’re dead set on wearing 100% black, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have a variety of fabrics in your outfit. An all black outfit that incorporates denim, leather, knit, or suede can be  interesting and fashion-forward. An all black outfit that’s also all cotton, on the other hand, can look pretty underwhelming. Layering is a great way to incorporate more textures into your look.
  3. Take advantage of the slimming effect. Everyone knows black is slimming, but few people know how to use this benefit to its full potential. Combining black tights and black shoes will make it seem like your legs go on for miles, which, in turn, makes them seem skinnier. Wearing all black has this effect on your entire body, which is why it is particularly slimming.
  4. Work it. Like my mom always told me, “If you’re gonna wear it, you’ve gotta work it.” Wearing all black can be strange at first, especially if you usually have a colorful wardrobe. It takes some getting used to, just like anything new. Don’t walk around like you’re trying to hide, walk around like you are fabulous and you know it. Your confidence and killer fashion sense will intimidate anyone who might have been thinking about calling you Wednesday.

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